We have worked with a large number of clients in designing and delivering Focused Facilitation Interventions for Sr. Leadership Teams on themes of Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, Developing Leaders presence and many customized facilitation programs.

The value that is added is seen and appreciated by our clients because of our focus on balancing both Business and HR perspective. Being in touch with day-to-day realities faced by Operations and uncovering gentle, small possibilities that can make a long-term, positive difference is the secret of our successful facilitation and coaching practice.

The focus of leadership programs that we have designed and developed is always to deliver a tailored solution for the client’s specific needs. Our leadership programs entail:

1. Leadership Development Interventions: We understand that each organization runs on some implicit cultural assumptions and practices, which are followed but not talked about. Traditional approach of leadership development is based on picking up some models from here and there and then telling people what to do. In our experience, we have seen employees making fun of such programs and treating these interventions as trips, holidays or opportunity to drink at corporate expense.

In our Leadership Development Interventions, our approach is to first find out the functional and organizational issues and barriers faced by them. Then we create interventions, which give them line of sight and relevant skills to bridge the gap between the reality and the vision.

What the leaders really need are inputs and approaches, which fit their actual day-to-day work context and not some theory.

2. New Leaders Induction Programs: These programs are fully customized to functional and industry specific requirements of organizations. They are designed and delivered after understanding and clarifying, key expectations of the Senior Management Team from the middle layer of management or new leaders inducted in the system.

3. Transformational Leadership Labs (Long-term interventions): This program is meant for organizations that are committed to bring in transformation and innovation in their leadership team. These are high impact interventions carefully designed after a deep research of organizational systemic forces that may be blocking organizational growth.

Discovering a personal sense of meaning and connection with the organizational leadership role is the foundation of these interventions.These interventions not only help the individual go through a deeply transformational experience, but also ignite a new world of possibilities for the whole organization.

4. Leading in Turbulent Times: From crisis arise the strongest of leaders. This programs is for teams and team leaders going through a crisis or conflict. We work with the leaders and help them devise a strategy which is in the highest interest of everyone involved, including the deliverable. We help them shift perspective and bring out their best when the going gets tough. We also go forconflict management or change management labs if needed.

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