Dance of Change – Facilitative Leadership Lab

This is a unique Lab we have developed and delivered for many of our clients like Siemens, Marvel and Amdocs. 

This lab is to prepare and engage the whole team and critical stakeholders who are about to embark on an a “Change Journey”. For example, one of our customers were going through a change of “Operational Business Model”. This was a huge change to everybody and hence everyone in the senior management team and function heads were anxious as well as excited about this change.

We were invited to facilitate the dialogue process, which could help each member of the team to surface and deal with the fears, doubts and concerns and reach to some healthy conclusions and decisions.

This lab involved the following:

  • Structured dialogue process to resolve old conflicts before moving ahead
  • Intent based Dialogue to avoid surface level conversation and enabling the group to dive deeper
  • Using the principles and practice of community music building circles to create an easy space and environment for open communication
  • M. Scott Peck community guidelines
  • A well defined “Solutioning Phase Group Process” for enabling healthy and inclusive group decision making 

We can design and deliver a customized facilitative lab for the themes and purposes that suit your organizations.

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