1. Conflict Management

This program deals with resolving conflicts that are: 

  • Issue based
  • People based
  • Functional conflict among departments
  • Conflicts between competitive business units in the same organization 


This is a niche area of work that we love to do. These are 2 to 3 day dialogue labs where Senior Management teams from both warring factions sit together and work through win-win partnership.


A very sensitive topic, handled with delicate care, is the promise we give and always honour. This program is customised according to the need of the organisation, its culture and priorities.


3. Strategy Meets​​
This is a customised facilitation program that is designed to help a team or teams develop the right strategy for executing a task or delivering a project.


Project kick-offs are also facilitated under this programs as they can help get the whole team on the same page in term or expectations and deliverables.

2. Change Management 

Organizational Change is often received with resistance due to different reasons and hence Senior Management needs to approach managing this change in a systematic manner following different phases of change. 


Before we apply any technique, we get our ‘diagnosis’ right. We do a complete inventory of brimming-below-the-surface issues, blocks and fears associated with the change, and of course, the resources that the stakeholders feel they will need to cope with the process of transition.

Various personal perceptions, biases, and an atmosphere of ambiguity contribute towards making change an anxious phenomenon. With the right approach, this anxiety can not only be managed but also turned into a stepping-stone towards growth – both professional and personal.    


4. Teaming up: Getting a new team to bond deeply with each other on common shared values, discovering and accepting each others values and eccentricities in a safe space which has a positive impact on the project delivery.

5. Dialogue Retreats: This is based on teaching Appreciative Inquiry to participants and creating a future that is informed by the positive memories of the past

How We Approach It

Step 1. Brief from HR or OD team coupled with respective Business Heads regarding the issue faced or purpose and objective of the intervention. Defining some outcomes at the outset.

Step 2. Creating a detailed Intervention Design.

Step 3. Moving through a back and forth of mails and calls to create a mutually agreeable Intervention Design

Step 4. Delivering the intervention.

Step 5. Creating a robust feedback mechanism to ensure results and perfecting the intervention for next time if needed.

In case of AI and OD consulting projects

Step 6. Synthesizing feedback.

Step 7. Presentation to Senior Management about the findings.

Step 8. Working with OD, HR, Operations or relevant teams to integrate new practices, possibilities and processes.

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