Over last 8 years Red Wisdom has been invited to conduct many coaching labs as well as individual one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching

In the corporate world, we have been hired to coach Middle and Senior management executives and small groups on the following themes:

  • Transition coaching (Meant for executives being prepared for Sr Management roles
  • Enhancing Leadership Style Effectiveness

  • ExPats coaching for Sr. Management Executives for assimilating faster in Indian context

  • Performance Enhancement Coaching

  • Mid-life Crisis coaching

  • Clarity Coaching (Meant for Sr or Middle managers who suddenly find themselves in chaotic situations both personally and professionally

  • Customised Theme based coaching (meant for working on specific feedback for improving Individual Leadership Style)

Our coaching model is simple to execute and adopt.

Usually, we sign up for a 10-session plan subjected to be executed over a period of 4 to 6 months. Additional sessions are added if the goals are realigned and both the organization and the coachee wish to extend the coaching engagement.


The duration of the engagement also depends on themes and topics chosen for coaching as well as assessment of coachee’s readiness and his/her current competence in the chosen area.

Duration of each coaching session is 1.5 to 2 hours and is usually held either in person or on phone or on Skype.

Coaching Labs for Managers

These 2-day labs are for managers who are looking for sharpening their coaching skills as a part of their own leadership development journey.

The labs normally include the following

  • Mastering coaching feedback skills
  • Working with simple easy to define coaching goals

  • AIR model of quick 20 mins power coaching

  • Developing coaching competence to manage Sr and Experienced folks from the team

  • Role plays

  • Coaching Scenarios – Design and Development

Coaching The Coach Program

This program is offered for those who seek to become powerful coaches and who seek to equip themselves with latest tools offered by the leading coaches of the world. Red Wisdom has designed a unique, hands-on, coaching the coach program, which equips the person with necessary skills and techniques that one needs develop and nurture to become effective coaches.

A RED Wisdom™ Mentoring Session entails:

  • A sustained periodic, one and half to two hour conversation and dialogue focused around specific, pre-defined or emerging topics
  • A sustained investment of time to explore and identify new alternatives

  • A safe and secured space to be yourself and explore challenges and opportunities

  • Being in touch with yourself and exploring and integrating hidden facets that can bring forth heightened level of effectiveness

  • Small shifts that can have huge positive impact in the long run

Our innovative Coaching Models, such as, ‘Flow Coaching’ and ‘Fast Shifts Coaching’ are developed in-house keeping foremost in mind the growing need for “Result Delivering” Coaches. 


Life Coaching

This is a unique once a month, highly customized coaching plan for those who are seeking support during career transitions, major life changes or hit by an onslaught of midlife changes, or who seek to redesign their own work and personal lives. 

To book your appointment or to seek more information, please contact us.

Why You Need An Executive Coach

Trainings designed to equip and impart necessary tools and approaches of leadership, sometimes are not sufficient for dynamic situations leaders face at work place. 

One-to-one conversation has its own dynamics and power which can be fully unleashed and harnessed in coaching situations

Senior Leaders are more comfortable being themselves fully and exploring possible solutions in safe coaching space as being vulnerable and open sometimes can have negative impact on perception professionally and in public, in spite of the intent being very positive and human

The heart of leading in turbulent times is balancing between acknowledging reality and moving inwards to find stillness and answers.



What You Gain from Executive Coaching

  • Balanced leaders who can remain grounded even in challenging times without losing the sight of long term vision- Reduced anxiety and stress levels
  • Tapping the unused and hidden potential of existing leaders and converting it into value
  • A culture of Balance and Harmony over a long-term period
  • Inspire current leaders to model and exhibit desired behaviors that are naturally aligned with the overall vision and mission​​
  • Leaders experiencing that organization is committed to enriching their lives


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