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We offer theme based facilitation labs that led to effective resolution of group conflicts and manage change in difficult times. Our programs help teams and organizations to come together and successfully execute a shared vision.


We have coached Middle and Senior management executives and small groups to successfully deal with change, leadership, role transition, clarity. We use generic, in-house and theme based coaching models. 


These are two-to-four-day labs, designed for Senior Leaders, who seek to take on active mentoring roles in their organizations. Participants have cited our tools and techniques to be finest in business, practical and most useful.

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RED Wisdom™ Facilitation Programs

At RED Wisdom, our emphasis is bringing forth Zen like clarity and simplicity in all our programs and engagement with our clients.

RED Wisdom offers the following corporate programs:

A. Leadership Labs

Duration: 2 to 4 days
Customised interventions for Senior Leadership and Middle Leadership layers of organization.

B. Building Leader’s Presence 
Duration: 1 day
This lab focuses on working on the presence that a leader brings forth while communicating his team members, fellow leaders and customers.

C. The Art of Peaceful Warriors
Duration: 2 days
Negotiating Win-Win deals. This lab is designed for those who have to sustain the pressures of deals which can make or break fortunes at times. 

D. Resolving and Facilitating Live Conflicts 
Duration: 2 to 4 days
This is a niche area of work that we love to do. These are 2 to 3 day dialogue labs where Senior Management teams from both warring factions sit together and work through win-win partnership. 

​E. ZEN Mindfulness Retreats

Duration: 2 to 4 days

These retreats are designed to inspire you to approach your life as an ever unfolding mystery and also gives you tools to design your life around your highest values.

This is ideal for people who are looking to give more meaning to their lives or those who feel they have come to a place in life where not much is left to achieve, and would like to devise a way forward to something rewarding and impactful.

Our Facilitation Programs

RED Wisdom™ Coaching

RED Wisdom™ Coaching focuses on applying and bringing forth principles of balance, co-creation and nurturing. What sets Red Wisdom™ Coaching apart is the value and meaning that we add to your everyday living.  

We help you:

Discover: Who you are, what is your Higher Purpose in life, and why you are the way you are.

Design: How you can achieve your Higher Purpose, your personal and professional goals and lead a balanced, fulfilled life.

Develop: Learn how you harness your strengths to the fullest so that you can achieve everything that is important to you on all levels without feeling inadequate, lost or depleted.

Defend: We help you strengthen your internal resources and access your Personal Power so that when naysayers try and bring you down, you are able to stand your ground firmly, without unnecessary drama, and are able to stay on course.

Deliver: Set up your own parameters and goals for your transformation and growth and witness the results in both tangible and intangible ways.

Life Coaching

This is a unique once a month, highly customized coaching plan for those who are seeking support during career transitions, major life changes or hit by an onslaught of midlife changes, or who seek to redesign their own work and personal lives.

To book your appointment or to seek more information, contact us.

Our Coaching Programs

RED Wisdom™ Mentoring

Mentoring Labs

These are 2 to 4 day labs designed for Senior Leaders in the organizations who seek to take on active mentoring roles. These labs equip the Senior folks to learn and apply Mentoring Tools and Exercises that they can use in their mentoring relationships.

The participants have reported the tools and techniques offered in these programs as finest, practical and most useful.

RED Wisdom has worked as close partners with organizations like, Tieto and Amdocs, to foster mentoring and coaching culture. For organizations like Tieto, RED Wisdom has not only helped design Mentoring Framework but has successfully rolled out interventions over more than 3 years.

Our Mentoring Programs

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