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RedM is an initiative of REDWisdom, a consulting company that has been in the leadership and mentoring space since last 10 years.

RedM works with people from the space of helping them become the most successful versions of themselves with the help of many tools related to Mindfulness, Meditation, Mystery, and Movement.



Weekly customised sessions.


Any program from our list.

Each session is 45-50 minutes long.

Conducted at the your place of business.

✴ Trained REDWisdom instructor conducts the session.

During our work with people from all walks of life and domains, we realised that the essence of success and happiness stretches much beyond the learned principles or emulating habits of successful people.

Every person is unique; they bring their approach, attitude, and commitment to everything they do. They have a side that everyone sees and admires, and then there is the behind-the-scene work that goes into making them who they are.

The essence of a fully rounded, successful person is subtle, and as essential as his skill, background, experience, and persona.

Working on developing one’s core strengths is essential for anyone who is looking to lead a life of success and happiness. It’s especially essential for those who have a leadership role or are looking to take up this mantle. For them, bringing things into their attention is essential for both finding solutions and enhancing skills.

Why RedM?

Why Choose a RedM Session
To regain your internal focus.

You pick up vibrations from your environment in form of energy feedback from various sources, such as, traffic irritation, co-workers’ emotional state, unexpected meetings, interrupting phone calls, family issues, or just a bad mood. Due to this daily and sustained stress, you lose your sense of well- being and clarity. Your productivity suffers the most. A RedM session allows you re-gain your internal balance and life and work goal-oriented focus.

Why a year-long engagement
Consistency is the key to lasting success.

To handle accumulated stress on a continuous basis and to break existing patterns of attracting adverse situations, a long term engagement is highly effective. Your stay productive and are able to handle all situations successfully.

Why .Club?

A club is a place where people gather in a relaxed manner to unwind and set aside their burdens. They lower their guard and are available to just flow.

In a typical club, when you go back, your burdens and stress go back with you. You had only temporarily forgotten them. RedM.Club is a place where you can flow and truly let-go of your burdens and even source of chronic stress.


Our programs aim to increase Mindfulness with the help of Meditation and Movement, to help deepen the understanding of one’s personal Mystery, so that there is more space for joy and creativity.

Program 1


 Guided meditation session
Meditation and mindfulness techniques
 Tips to consciously relax body and mind

Program 2

Understanding Emotions

Understanding the purpose of emotions
 Ways to handle emotions that overwhelm
Emotional health check and balancing

Program 3

LAYA: Therapeutic Dance & Movement

Dance and movement as therapy
Release of accumulated stress and getting ready for new experiences.

Program 4

Energy Healing

Yoga and Pranayama for Well-being
Energy healing to release stress/blocks
Healing sound and music

Program 5

The RedMIX. Customised programs that include everything.

A session focused on well-being using various techniques — meditation, guided relaxation, movement, and sound healing
Can be of longer duration

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