It  has been personally an honour and a privilege to be associated with Raj Mali over the past four years. He has been instrumental in helping us at KPIT to develop and strengthen our diverse skills in the programs he facilitates for us through his  unique approach.

His workshops are creatively planned and executed. All the competencies of the participants are effectively addressed through role plays. His understanding of the human psyche and his passion to help others understand themselves better is very much part of his workshops. He is effortless with his knowledge and has reached many through his personal testimony to success in his field. 

Ameeta Menon

Senior Manager, Learning Organization, KPIT

It has been over 5 years that I have been consulted by Red Wisdom. The best part of this liaison is that Raj is very approachable, down to earth and sincere with his attempt. He has delivered the most complicated tasks in a very simple yet effective manner.

He keeps the doors open for all the participants and managers in their learning and development journey. Not only does he deliver great leadership sessions but also mentors people really well. Overall it is a pleasure to have known and worked with Raj and Manisha of Team Red wisdom.

Dr. Shambhavi Sharma

Country Head – HR, Marvell India Pvt Ltd

At Tieto, we have been successfully running the Mentoring Program since the past 3 years in close partnership and consultation with Red Wisdom. Our first planned leadership mentoring initiative kicked-off with a residential workshop. The workshop was carefully designed with Raj Mali from RED Wisdom to groom and prepare our identified mentors to play the role of a mentor. Based on a successful workshop and consistent support sessions from Raj, we managed to have many successful mentor-mentee relationships during our first Mentor Development Initiative for India.

Recently we concluded 2013-14 batch of the program in India. 26 relations were initiated  (21 mentors + 26 mentees) and the result was 20 successful relationships. The growing number of fruitful mentor-mentee relationships is testimony to the fact that we have succeeded in making it as one of the ‘best practices’ in Tieto.

Over the years, as we matured in the process, we recently launched virtual mentoring; where mentor and mentee are located in different countries.Raj Mali & Team Red Wisdom being our preferred associate, has had a key role in cultivating mentoring as a tool to enhance individual capability development and cultural transformation in Tieto.

Thank you.

Viju Gangadharan

Sr. Leader, Learning Organization, Tieto Corporation, India Delivery Centre

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