Our Clients

Mentioned below are some of the clients, that we have consulted and engaged with in course of conducting various programs.

For Siemens, we conducted Leadership Labs with the objective of bringing the diverse teams together and create alignment for the large size project ahead. Key themes that were focused on were Resolving Conflicts, Respecting each others leadership Styles, Recognizing and celebrating individual and team brilliance and fostering connection and harmony across different stages of team relationships with each other.

RED Wisdom has also partnered with Tieto on their Mentoring Intervention Program right from design to final successful delivery of the same. And RED Wisdom is now an active partner in enabling Tieto to foster the culture of learning together by harmonizing relationships theme as a part of their Tieto Global Leadership Program.

In 2007, we were invited to Amdocs to conduct Leadership Management Course which can help align the Senior Leadership Expectations with Project Managers of Amdocs India. This is a 4 day, intensive Leadership Inquiry programs. Today they are one of the longest and most sought after programs in Amdocs even after 6 years after its commencement. This is again a long-term engagement spanning last 6 years and continuing further. The intervention constantly gets updated and raised to the next level by ensuring a constant feedback loop between participants, Amdocs OD team, Management & RedWisdom.

We have consulted with KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd., on Project Management and Leadership issues since 2006 and have successfully created systems and interventions to help the new managers transform into leadership roles. KPIT Learning & OD team has found this to be one of the most consistently effective interventions.