The Wisdom Behind Being RED


The reason we chose RED to be our brand of wisdom is because we believe, and know it to be true from experience, that real wisdom is always inherent. ​Just knowing something because someone has told you that it is so, and really knowing something because you understand it as a result of your own experience, are two vastly different things. This is wisdom, which is derived from knowledge and experience, and is gained firsthand.

R is for Real. Our approach is to create this experience for you by shifting your perspective, so that it is a tangible and positive experience for you.

E is for Experiential. We do not believe is dropping big words and theories on the people that we are working with. We take into account their current experience, and work towards making it the ground zero from where everyone can work towards a common goal.

D is for Direct. We do not sidestep any issues. Our approach is to work with the people in the most forthright, unambiguous and non-threatening way. We want everyone on the same page, and secure in the knowledge of their roles.


We are in the business of Transformation through Leadership, Coaching and Dialogue. For our esteemed clients, like, AMDOCS, Tieto, KPIT Cummins, Deloitte and many others, we love to design and deliver Leadership Labs on themes of:

  • Dialoguing
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Conflict Management
  • Bringing Balance of Head and Heart
  • Authentic Leadership as a journey of Self Discovery

We also undertake specialised Facilitation workshops and Coaching and Mentoring programs.

Tools We Use

In-house Tools

  • TransLinguistics (TL)
  • Star Key

Ready/Generic Tools

  • Dialoguing
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Conflict Management

Our Approach to Creating Customized Solutions

1. Setting an Objective: Defining a clear objective.

2. Diagnosis: Understanding and identifying the blocks.

3. Intervention Design: Identifying the stakeholders and data gathering.

4. Validation: Validating collected data and developing a strategy to align organization’s goals.

5. Delivery and Implementation: Creating and delivering the customized lab or program.

6. Follow up: Creating follow up protocols to assess the progress and future needs.

Coaching Methodologies

‘Flow Coaching’ and ‘Fast Shifts Coaching’ are Coaching Models developed by RED Wisdom.

Using these models, the five stage Coach’s Coaching Program has been designed based on the following changing context in coaching industry:

  • Growing need for “Result Delivering” Coaches by customers disappointed by hiring coaches with Certification yet with no or low results for expensive coaching engagements
  • Practice Oriented and Suited for Indian Market
  • New trends emerging in Online Coaching Market
  • Demanding Customers
  • Balancing content with style ofdelivery for long-term customer retention based on developing authentic win-win relationships with the new and existing customers

The Play

At the heart of our work at RED Wisdom, there are 3 principles: A. Focus on the essentials B. A meaningful dialogue is what a group needs to evolve to solve problems and reach newer level of understanding of each other. C. Learning and leading can be fun and can be turned into play for better learning results and ensuring longer learning retention and integration moments.

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